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Histoire de Soie.
33 rue de l'etang de la tour
78120 Rambouillet
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All these models are genuine creation. They require quite a lot of manual work, are produced in extremely small quantities with very specific materials and as a result some of them might not be immediately available. If you are interested in any of the models you have seen on this web site and would like to know how or where you can find them please do contact us at We will try to answer your queries as best as we can.

Our production techniques are coming from the very demanding domain of theater and opera, our team will be happy to discuss with you any costume that you might dream of, it will of the highest quality and the exact expression of your needs don't hesitate to ask.

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To contact us please feel free to send us an email at :

The models visible on these pages are the property of:

Histoire de Soie.
N SIRET: 531 808442 00010

The great photos on this web site are all from Caroline Lemoine, feel free to visit her website at
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